Oh no, not another social media project trying to save humanity? That’s what we thought. There are plenty of people working on that already. The only problem is: They are not working together.
That is why we want to build a platform to connect us all:
• users
• coders
• the different projects

Social Swarm is an open think tank initiated by the German privacy and digital rights NGO digitalcourage (formerly FoeBuD). (English information at Wikipedia)

You are all welcome to join the swarm.

Lightning Talk at 28C3

You can contact us at socialswarm (at) foebud (dot) org
If you want access to our Wiki or Liquid Feedback, please mail at leena (at) foebud (dot) org.
You can call us at +49 521 175254.

Social Media
Twitter / Identi.ca:  @social_swarm

digitalcourage e.V.
Marktstraße 18
33602 Bielefeld